Magnolia Super Burger is proud to serve you high quality, fresh ingredients. All the produce eaten on the burgers, sandwiches, and salads are carefully washed and cut by hand every day. Our burgers are fresh, not frozen, to serve you tasty goodness. Any sauce provided on our burgers are homemade, not store or company bought. Our delicious ham that we provide for our toasted sandwich and grilled ham and cheese is freshly sliced here for your convenience. The bread we use for our sandwiches is fresh bakery bread, and we give you the option of white, wheat, sourdough, or rye. Our 7oz chicken breast is marinated and prepared by us, as is our all white Albacore tuna. We charbroil our chicken breast, not grill, making it for a tasty experience.


     If you are looking for salads, do not doubt them. The size will not leave you hungry, and the taste will keep you coming for more, especially with our many dressings to choose from! As for our side orders, a majority of our customers typically share a side because of their size. Our zucchini is homemade and comes with two homemade ranches. Our onion rings are homemade as well. Check out our desserts and drink varieties. We could go on, but we want you to start your experience. Leaving you hungry or unsatisfied is not an option. We make sure to keep our customers happy. 


“Super Burger. Where everything is built bigger.”


     Super Burger started out in 1994 in Costa Mesa, California known as Costa Mesa Super Burger. The second Super Burger was in the desert of California in Salton City where the town and many snow birds would flock down and enjoy a charbroiled hamburger. Movie makers and actors would drop in as well, including Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, the cast from the last X-Files movie, the cast from Torque, Aerosmith’s bodyguard, and more.


     Moving on to Texas, the third Super Burger had the honor to serve Magnolia, Texas. It first started out as a coffee shop known as The Java Express. Several customers had recognized the owners from commercials done in their previous California restaurants and asked them to please start serving burgers. Hence, The Original Super Burger #3 was in town by popular demand. The fourth location opened was in Willis, Texas. Another huge success, and customers could not get enough of the charbroiled burgers. Super Burger came back to Magnolia a little farther down than its previous location and opened The Original Super Burger #5/The Original Burger Place. Later on changed the name to what is now Magnolia Super Burger. This is the only one location run by the original owners. Check us out on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Country Music Television.

Our History